Step into a world where the fate of the planet
hangs in the balance.
A world where collective action and ecological
transition are not mere buzzwords,
but urgent calls for survival.

Welcome to Planet C-Play Again?

In immersive game workshop designed to
make you rethink your beliefs and
empower you as an Architect of Change.

In a time when the fragility of our environment
and polarization of our societies are painfully evident,
we invite you to embark on a journey like no other.

Explore the barriers and levers that shape collective action,
and discover how your choices can make
a profound impact on the world around you.

Because, after all, there is no Planet B.

credit: Bloom Seekers & Company
credit: Bloom Seekers & Company
credit: Bloom Seekers & Company

What is Planet C-Play Again?

Planet C takes you to a landscape under transition.

Survival, thriving, and preservation are at the core of this seemingly simple challenge. But don’t be deceived by its simplicity, for the world in which you find yourself offers little control. And you are not alone. Alongside fellow players, you will navigate this evolving terrain, where every decision and action matters.

Planet C is not just a game.

It is a collective learning process and an opportunity to reshape the narrative of our future. 

Through this interactive workshop, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become an Architect of Change, a champion of the ecological transition. 

Planet C is an immersive experience.

Experience the power of collective action, discover room for win-win solutions, and forge connections with like-minded individuals who share your commitment to the planet.

Planet C is rich in experiential learning.

In the debriefing we link the game to reality! After the game, we help you to reflect on your experiences in the game. Together, we will identify challenges and barriers encountered, as well as the strategies that enabled them to overcome the challenges. We then translate these experiences into learnings for reality and link it with relevant theoretical content.

The time to act is now.
Will you rise to the challenge?
Will you overcome the obstacles that lie ahead?

Our aim is to make people play & understand

Who can take part?

Planet C is for everyone!

And all those who want to unlock collective power and overcome polarisation!


We have played it with authorities, managers, students, citizens, indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest, researchers all over the world, experts, journalists, consultants, game-enthusiasts and game-sceptics.


No specific kowledge is needed to take part. We tailor the session to match participants’ experience and interest.

Why should I take part?

Because you seem to care!

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.


Planet C is for you, if you:

  • discover an innovative and educational tool to raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable & common resource management
  • want to understand the barriers and levers of collective action
  • are interested in landscape governance and look for participatory approaches
  • are concerned about increasing polarisation of our society and want to find ways how to find joint win-win solutions
  • look for an engaging, eye-opening and fun moment for you and your team!

Tell us what intrigues you and let us find out together how Planet C can be useful for you!

What does it take?

Time – People – Place – Means

  • Duration: 3 hours – 1 day workshop
  • Participants: 6 to 20 per group, parallel sessions possible
  • Place: in presence or on zoom
  • Means: it depends – we are happy to make you an offer

How can I take part?

Reach out!

Find a public workshop close to you or reach out so we can organize a workshop for you, your team, your neighbors, family and friends!

Become part of a movement
that wants to shape the tomorrow.

Planet C-Play Again? workshops in 2023
Participants in 2023
Trained Facilitators
credit: Bloom Seekers & Company
credit: Bloom Seekers & Company

Who are we?

Planet C is carried by a Collective of experts and an amazing community of facilitators that join forces to transform the society from within.


The Collective hosts researchers, experts and facilitators from French and Swiss research institutes, universities, associations and consultancies. The Collective is led by LEAF Inspiring Change, a transformation consultancy and spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich.

We are experts in the fields of ecology, social justice and natural resource management and are experienced in facilitating immersive processes and creating a safe space for learning to happen.


Our assets are:

  • A scientific base validated by publications
  • A decentralized community of facilitators
  • A web-app to play in person and remotely
  • Training modules for facilitators

Together, let us explore and imagine ways
towards a more resilient, cohesive world.

Based on years of R&D

If climate change or the loss of biodiversity are existential threats for our societies, why do we still fail to engage the ecological transition?

Barriers to action

We identified 4 locks that keep us from change

Lack of awareness, conflicting beliefs, diverging values and limited means – we argue that understanding these 4 barriers is essential to unlock a path to collective action.


With Planet C, we bring together key theories to better understand how to unlock collective action, enable common management and engage in constructive dialogue. 


The game explores the role of communication, trust and cooperation in developing a collective strategy.

Architects of Change

Understanding our minds to unlock change 

A prominent theory that we have developed to better understand the reasons why we have not taken action yet – despite existential threats to our societies –  is the Theory of Mind by Garcia, C.A. et al, 2022. 

From lack of awareness to conflicting beliefs, values, and means, we identified four locks keeping us from change. We argue that  understanding these barriers is essential to unlock a path to collective action. By grasping our minds and the minds of others, we can move from being an Ignorant to becoming an Architect of Change.

We found that it is not enough to sit down at the table with people of good will*. We need the tools and the know-how to be able to use the collective potential and invent solutions.

*Le Page et al (2016)

Moving from understanding to doing

Planet C creates a space where we imagine the change we want to see and try it out

The game provides an experiential learning opportunity to try out and understand by taking action in a safe space.

What do participants say?

I was suprised by the immersion in the game, despite an ultra-minimalist game board; the excitement and passion the game unleashes; by the desire to optimize everything, and the understanding that even with seemingly simple rules, it's not easy.
Maelle Dellay
But what a surprise! In organizing this workshop, we were confident we'd have a good time with the participants, but our expectations were exceeded! It's an interesting game, a well-constructed tool, and the lessons learned are critical to the success of the social-ecological transition. Bravo!
David Roy
It's a game that makes you realise just how much we need to re-assemble as citizens to find the pathways to the Anthropocene together and at our local level. I could also say this is an experience of "dancing with system".
Damien Jourdan
It's a great workshop for experimenting with the management of commons such as resources, biodiversity, water and even atmospheric CO2.
Olivier Menicot
I am amazed how a game about ecology transformed effectively into a game about how to interpret collective intelligence.
Make it widely available to public and private decision-makers!
Adam Forrai
A very rich experience. You come out with a deep understanding of what can happen in context of self-governance, and of the inner workings of a group.
Isabell Forestier
The game helps to raise awareness of the need for action and to appreciate the different aspects of cooperation (understanding, dialogue, acceptance, organisation, etc.).
It's an interactive, collaborative game that uses collective intelligence to manage resources. It is a socio-political experience with a very concrete link to reality despite its simple rules.

Logistics & how to participate?

Contact us to register for a public workshop,  or to organize a workshop or to discuss an idea! 

We look forward to hearing from you!


5 to 20 people per group


3 hours


in presence or online

Upcoming Planet C-Play Again? workshops

Check out our calendar for public workshops.

Do you wish to organize a workshop with your colleagues, stakeholders or fellow citizens?

Reach out to us! We are happy to organize a session with you!

How to become a certified facilitator?

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