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Planet C - Play Again?

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Planet C - Play Again?

Planet C – Play Again? is an immersive workshop to explore the barriers and levers of collective action and ecological transition.


A Planet C – Play Again? workshop includes a game session and its debriefing, which allows the game experience to be translated into a broader context.


Based on the classic tragedy of the commons scenario, the game explores the role of communication, trust and cooperation in developing a collective strategy.


Serious games are powerful tools for active pedagogy where experience is placed at the heart of learning.

What are the objectives?

At the end of the course, you will be able to :


  • Prepare a Planet C – Play Again? workshop
  • Introduce, facilitate and debrief a session
  • Close the workshop with key messages
  • Take part in the Planet C community

Who can take part in the training?

This training is for you if you want to discover or deepen your knowledge:

  • facilitation in collective intelligence
  • landscape governance
  • participatory approaches
  • discovering innovative and educational tools to raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable resource management

Target audience: facilitators, teachers, managers, animators, researchers, technicians, consultants, etc.

No prerequisite is necessary to participate in this training.

What does the training look like?

This course is run according to the same principles as a game workshop, which allows you to be put in a situation.


It is adapted to your needs by working from your experiences, in addition to those of the speakers.


The course is based on a combination of theoretical presentations, role-playing and debriefing.

Training Program

Full day training from 9h to 17h | Lunch from 12h30-13h30

  • Presentation of objectives and consideration of expectations
  • Participate in a Planet C – Play again?™ game workshop (as players), debriefing and key messages
  • Understanding the mechanics of the game
  • Practise running a session without computer support
  • Preparing your workshop
  • Presentation of the Planet C software
  • Working on the introduction (workshop and briefing)
  • Group facilitation techniques
  • Managing requests during the game
  • Observe the game
  • Facilitating the debriefing
  • Theoretical input on key messages
  • Knowing how the Planet C community works
  • Evaluation of the training’s achievements
  • Evaluation of the satisfaction and closure of the training

Evaluation methods

  • Positioning before the training course
  • Evaluation of learning and satisfaction at the end of the course
  • End-of-training certificate specifying the skills acquired

Who organises the training?

The training is organised by Lisode and LEAF Inspiring Change in partnership with the organisations of the Planet C collective.

Lisode is a cooperative consultancy specialized in designing and implementing participatory approaches.

LEAF Inspiring Change uses strategy games to facilitate inclusive dialogue and informed decision-making. 

CIRAD is working on modelling complex systems to support the collective management of renewable resources.

In partnership with the Planet C collective:

Team of Trainers

Trainers & Experts :


Practical Information


3 days (21h training hours)


Autumn 2023

Group size

6 to 12 persons


1300 EUR ex VAT
for 3 days

How to sign up?

If you are interested in becoming a certified Planet C-Play Again?-Trainer, do not hesitate to write us an  Email so we can put you on the waiting list for the upcoming training!

Reach Out

If you have questions, write us!

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